The Royal Air Force and the Classic Mini, two very British and iconic legends in our country. Their existence both immortalised not only in the history books but also in the movies. The heroics of the Royal Air Force made legend across world due to movies like The Battle of Britain, The Dambusters and The Great Escape. Britain’s most loved car, the Mini made famous by the movie, The Italian Job. But what made this little car so very popular is it’s unmistakable appearance, those round headlights and that cheeky front grille. Back in 1959 the Mini was the brainchild of a genius designer, Sir Alex Issigonis. The Mini looked like no other car, known and recognised for so many achievements the Mini has become a motoring icon, acknowledged for its pioneering concept, economy of use, sports handling, the star of many films and the winner of countless rallies and races.

These two very different stars in history have had a connection as far back as the late 50s, and the birth of the Mini. With it being renowned for its ability on the racetrack, the Mini provided a cheaper alternative to the multi million pound adrenalin rush of piloting in the RAF. Motorsport has always been encouraged in the armed forces along with many other sports. Usually a competitive sport of the rich, the Mini opened the gates to all ranks of the RAF making it even more popular. The Motorsport enthusiasm still exists today with the Mini, classic and new shape playing a strong role on the track.


The practicality and simplicity of the Mini also made it very useful around the station. Mechanical Transport soon adopted it into their fleet of vehicles, including the saloon and van variants and seen in roles from the execs personal transport to being the general dogs body of the squadron.    

Reds Flying High
Reds Flying High
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On the beat
On the beat

The Mini was used by the RAF Police when patrolling the airfields.

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Vulcan to the skies
Vulcan to the skies

Used by the engineers, the aircraft would often be on the other side of the airfield. The Mini was the perfect vehicle for scooting round the perimeter tract, many of which have become famous race circuits.

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Mechanical Transport
Mechanical Transport

The Mini was often painted in the same colours as the rest of the Mechanical Transport fleet. Olive Drab green with a yellow stripe and the words Royal Air Force cut into it.

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Lightning scramble
Lightning scramble

The nimble Mini would be used by pilots on standby to race to the aircraft before taking to the skies.

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Squadron dogs body
Squadron dogs body
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Officer Commanding
Officer Commanding
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Patrolling the skies and the roads
Patrolling the skies and the roads
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Battle Damage Repair
Battle Damage Repair
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Track time
Track time

The Mini was adopted by many pilots looking for an adventure not in the skies but on the track.

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On the beat
On the beat
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The new kid on the Block
The new kid on the Block
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RAFMC VRN Register

Royal Air Force Vehicle Registrations Numbers (VRN)


AB - Cars


02AB28 to​ 02AB31     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1961

06AB76 to​ 06AB84     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1963

18AB76 to​ 18AB79​     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1964

18AB88 to​ 19AB32     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1963

19AB33​                       Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1963, BMH162A

40AB22 to​ 40AB58     Morris Mini Minor Saloon

95AB50 to​ 96AB88     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1961

97AB67 to​ 99AB48     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1962/63

99AB51 to​ 99AB99     Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1964


AE - Airfield Caravans and Cargo Trucks


37AE03​                      Austin Mini Moke


AF - ​Trucks, Fire Appliances, Cars, Minibuses


02AF02 to​ 03AF48     Austin Mini 850 Saloon

03AF66​                       Austin Mini 850 Saloon


AM - ​Light Vehicles, Cars, Land Rovers


10AM005 to​ 10AM68 Morris Mini Saloon​             1967

17AM44​                     Mini 850 Saloon

20AM37 to​ 20AM91   Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1964

21AM05 to​ 22AM29   Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1964

22AM94 to​ 23AM07   Morris Mini Minor​               1965

23AM84 to​ 25AM04   Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1966

26AM06 to​ 26AM78   Morris Mini Minor Saloon​   1966

29AM72 to​ 29AM76   Morris Mini Minor Saloon

29AM78 to​ 30AM13   Morris Mini Minor Saloon

31AM94 to​ 32AM39   Morris Mini Minor Saloon

32AM74 to​ 32AM94   Morris Mini Minor Saloon

33AM23 to​ 34AM86   Morris Mini Minor Saloon

35AM98 to​ 36AM06   Mini 850 Saloon

36AM10​                     Mini 850 Saloon

38AM73 to​ 39AM63   Mini 850 Saloon

44AM99 to​ 45AM99   Morris Mini Saloon

46AM69 to​ 47AM01   Mini 850 Saloon

49AM22 to​ 50AM09   Mini 850 Saloon

55AM90 to 56AM39​   Mini 850 Saloon

68AM11 to 68AM98   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

74AM46 to​ 75AM01   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

79AM17 to​ 79AM69   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

84AM88 to​ 85AM98   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

86AM85 to​ 87AM47   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

89AM89​                     Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

91AM20​                     Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

92AM20 to​ 92AM94   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

94AM39 to ​95AM06   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car

97AM24 to​ 97AM94   Austin Mini 850 Saloon Car


AR - Vans,Snow Ploughs, Brushes


36AR11 to​ 36AR82     Morris Mini Van​                              Apr - Nov 68

88AR11 to​ 88AR60     Austin Mini Airportable Pick Up​     Mar – Jun 62

88AR61 to​ 89AR60     Morris Mini 5C Van​                        Jul 62

91AR00 to​ 91AR99     Morris Mini 5C Van​                        Apr 63

92AR51 to​ 92AR69     Morris Mini 5C Van​                        May 65

96AR32 to​ 96AR81     Morris Mini 5C Van​                        Jun 66

99AR73 to​ 99AR94     Morris Mini 5C Van​                        Mar 67


AS - Vans 


37AS10 to​ 38AS09     Morris Mini Van​                              Dec 69/May 74

38AS80 to​ 38AS99     Morris Mini Van                              ​Apr 69

39AS19 to​ 39AS47     Morris Mini Van​                              Dec 69

39AS98 to​ 40AS44     Morris Mini Van​                              Aug 70/Jun 71

41AS25 to​ 41AS57     Morris Mini Van                              ​Jul 72

42AS03​                       Morris Mini Van​                             Oct 72, ex RN Lossiemouth, new in Mar 67

42AS10 to​ 42AS32     Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 73

42AS72 to​ 42AS83     Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 74

42AS84​                       Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 74, to Army Hong Kong as 47BT13, Mar 78

42AS85 to​ 42AS98     Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 74

42AS99​                       Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 74, to Army as 40BT85 in Jul 76

43AS00 to​ 43AS50     Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 74

43AS59​                       Morris Mini Pick Up Truck​             Nov 73, Ex RN Sydenham as 20RN95 

43AS60​                       Morris Mini Pick Up Truck​             Nov 73, Ex RN Sydenham as 49RN34

43AS81 to​ 44AS17     Morris Mini Van​                              Jul 78

44AS23 to​ 44AS88     Morris Mini Van​                             Apr 76

45AS06 to​ 45AS07     Morris Security Mini Van​               Nov 76

45AS23 to​ 45AS57     Morris Mini Van​                             Feb 78

45AS94 to​ 46AS04     Morris Mini Van​                             Jul 78

46AS74 to​ 46AS77     Morris Mini Van​                             Jul 78

47AS20 to​ 48AS03     Morris Mini Van​                            Dec 78

50AS09 to​ 50AS27     Morris Mini Van

51AS46 to​ 51AS64     Morris Mini Van​                            1982